Monday, August 29, 2016

Mixed Media MOODS Challenge II

I've been following Mixed Media Jenn on Youtube for quite some time now.  She has collaborated with DeeDee Catron for some Mixed Media MOOD fun!  

So here's my first take on this challenge.  ATC's made out of a piece of corrugated cardboard from a delivery box that I saved because I loved the design on it.  This is both sides of the piece, that I cut 2 ATC's from. 

With a little bit of paints and some very cool textured papers, a torn strip of dyed fabric, attached with a little brad, I added the words from a song that came on while I was working...
"DO WHAT YOU LIKE" by Blind Faith. 
(and I just saw Steve Winwood in concert this summer at Bethel Woods, aka Woodstock...he was FANTASTIC!)

The second ATC from this project took on a mind of its own while I was tidying up the work space.  Bits and pieces...scraps of other projects, stared at me begging to be included, so here is the second card gaining its own internal PEACE. 

Yes, I do what I like, and it gives me peace!

Hop on over to visit these talented gals and 
enter the Challenge yourself!  Aloha!

Monday, August 15, 2016

Art Abandonment

I recently joined an online group called Art Abandonment on Facebook, and these folks sure do spread joy all over the world with their creativity!

I have abandoned a few items along the way in my travels, to Honolulu, Los Angeles, Chicago and a few other locations.

Here is an ATC that I abandoned yesterday at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (aka Woodstock).

Good times with good friends and good music!  

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


I recently joined an online ATC Swap with the theme Lyrically Speaking at Little Bird Creations.  As soon as I signed up, I already had a song stuck in my head because I had tickets to see Steve Winwood.  Dear Mr. Fantasy...and boy that concert was better than I anticipated.  I danced the entire time!

So here is the complete set of 10 that I sent out...just making the deadline because well, no excuse, other than life sometimes takes a detour, which is usually the long way around!  Same rubber stamped image, but all just a little bit different. 

And since I have many supplies left over, I have made 3 more to giveaway!  Similar to these that are shown with the same musical theme!  If you have never done Artist Trading Cards before, give it a try.  They are fun little works of art that can be traded, abandoned or used in your other projects.  And I always include at least one in my altered book projects.

If you'd like to receive one, just leave a comment, and send me your snail mail addie via email!  I only have 3!  Don't forget your addie!



Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Lucy's Book
The Neverending Art Journal Book Hop/Swap continues, as Lucy is the next one to claim her well traveled treasure!  This is her work on the cover.
Her inside book cover.
The inside is covered in vintage lace with sparkling glitter, complete with a pocketful of tags for each of the participants to use.
On this page she adds all the names of the talented chics of the
Arty Tea Party Guild.

My page usually has some RED!
I let some of the text on the page sway me in the direction of Love and Passion!

This is my RED page, because to me passion is RED and flaming hot! And with the text already reading..."Hello, Love...Thanks, Love...Cheerio, Love"...well you can let your imagination run wild with what is going on here!

For the rest of the pages in Lucy's book, pop in over at the ARTY TEA PARTY BLOG
 Lots of fun with those TALENTED CHICS!

Thanks for stopping by!  ALOHA!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Liberate Your Art...BABY!

Postcard # 1 from Gloria

Postcard # 2 from Lynn
Postcard # 3 from Jeannette
Postcard # 4 from Deborah who took Kat's I-phone Photography class
Postcard # 5 from Debbie


And here are a couple side swaps!
From Sherry in Alaska

And this from Kitty
This lovely side swap is from Sonya of the Mission San Juan Capistrano, in CA.
I love this one, because I have actually been here!

Another side from Sea Dean

And this one is mine!

Click here to view the Swap Hop Video!  

It's great fun to receive Mail Art from all over the world.  

See my previous post for my contributions to the swap 4 years in a row!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Liberate Your Art, Baby!

My LYA Swap # 1 (2013)
My LYA Swap # 2 (2014)

My LYA # 3 (2015)



Head on over to Kat Eye Studio to see what all the fuss is about!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 snow?

I was looking forward to the great snow of the year...and here in New York STATE, not NYC, we got NOTHING!  Totally bummed out about that because we were prepared!  Everywhere in surrounding states and local towns got tons of snow!  And since there is no snow to shovel, or build a cool snowman with, or snow fort which I love to do, complete with a snowseat with a spot to put your beer down, complete with candles to enjoy at night, I spent some time checking out some new blogs.  And above is what I found at Leonie Wise.

It's a great manifesto for good wholesome living, wouldn't you say?  So, until we get clobbered with snow, which we most assuredly will before winter is over, I will snoop around the internet to find some new blogs to inspire me!  Oh, and I think I will get out a box of crayons and color!

If you know of a good one, remember, "it's nice to share"!  

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mini Journals

This tiny little book is one of those gift books that you might receive as a know the ones about Friendship, Love, Dreams, etc.  Well, I have a ton of them that I have received, collected, snagged from book sales and I transformed them and gave them an adventurous new life, ready to take on photos, love notes, dreams, phone numbers...just sayin', you never know!
from this...
to this...with a little homemade pad for secrets
a leaf skeleton and 4 leaf clover...tags to write your dreams
a pocketful of wishes...
There's so much more to this tiny little book.  Lots of space to add photos, journal, save ticket stubs...
Texture from vintage fabric scrap on the cover, to burlap, yarn, lace, feathers...and so much more.  I have not shown you the whole book here.  Surprises inside!  A great little gift that fits inside your purse for that special moment when you want to add a memory or memento.

ALOHA!  Here comes the snow...finally!

Thanks for stopping by!  Will post another book soon.  The creative juices are flowing. 

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Million Thanks

Hand made cards for the troops at Christmas!
It was a wonderful show of support for our men and women who serve this great land, when many organizations, families and individuals joined in a letter writing campaign through  


 No matter our differences, these brave men and women are protecting our rights to live the American Dream!  Please keep them in your thoughts and your prayers as you go forth into the 
New Year of 2016.

I wish you all a HAPPY and especially a